Treatment for asthma

Treatment for asthma Deciding what your treatment for asthma should be like is not an easy thing to do: you have to take many aspects into account. The best thing is to consult you doctor to be sure you are making the right conclusion and going for the right combination of drugs. Asthma patients are usually prescribed a bronchodilator and a steroid to keep their condition under control and be able to relieve an attack of asthma already in progress. The two most common medications you may need to have on you include Ventolin inhaler and Flovent inhaler. Ventolin inhalers contain a rescue-type medicine albuterol that helps you if you have trouble breathing normally. You can take a prescribed dosage to relieve the symptoms before exercising (if taking the drug for exercise-induced bronchospasm).

However, you need to keep in mind that you should not be using asthma inhalers like Ventolin more often than three times a week (not counting the times when you use it before exercising). Flovent inhalers, on the other hand, are for controlling asthma and should be used daily. Flovent reduces inflammation in the airways and should be taken regularly no matter if you have any asthma symptoms or not. There is also a chance you may need to buy asthma inhalers mentioned together: your doctor may recommend using Ventolin before using Flovent to make sure Flovent is more efficient.